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To grow hair fast, keep it healthy. Avoid damaging hair, and eat a healthy diet full of foods that nourish hair. Massaging the scalp and providing good circulation also helps hair to grow faster.


You can encourage your hair to grow faster by eating a diet rich in vitamins, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Other methods to try include massaging your scalp with warm oil, reducing your stress levels and using heat styling tools less often.


According to Marie Claire, hair can't technically grow faster than its natural growth rate. However, there are ways to facilitate hair growth, such as massaging the scalp to stimulate the follicles. Taking vitamins can help the hair grow at a healthy rate. B vitamins ma...


While hair grows at a steady rate of roughly 1/2 inch every month, people can gain more length by keeping their hair healthy. A balanced diet, proper hair care products and regular trims are keys to maintaining hair health.


A healthy lifestyle, including a good diet and exercise, can improve hair growth. Minoxidil can make hairs grow on thinning areas of the scalp, but doesn't affect the growth rate of the rest of the hair. Treating medical conditions that cause poor hair growth can also i...


There are many ways to make a person's hair grow faster, including trimming damaged hair, eating food that promotes hair growth, avoiding heat styling and going longer in between shampoo washes. It can also help hair to grow faster when people avoid the common reasons f...


There are no recipes to speed the growth of human hair, according to science, but natural recipes may create the illusion of faster growth. Natural recipes such as warm castor oil, rosemary oil and scalp massages may help improve scalp health and give hair a healthier a...