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You can always continue to call watermelon a fruit in the privacy of your own home (I think). Whatever you want to call them, here's how to grow your watermelons super sweet. The first thing you need to know about watermelons is that if you can possibly swing it, plant them in situ.That is, plant watermelon seeds directly into their permanent bed.


Luscious, liquid sweetness: since watermelon is nearly always eaten on its own either sliced or quartered, growing it juicy and sweet is always the objective. To grow sweet and tasty watermelon, follow these steps: Temperature. Watermelon demands warm temperatures—both soil and air. Transplant or direct seed watermelon only when the average ...


Watermelons don’t sweeten after they are picked, so harvest time is important. They generally ripen over two weeks so keep your eye on them. Dr. Bill Rhodes, professor of horticulture at Clemson University, offers the following advice on how to tell if watermelons are ripe ...


Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) are a delicious addition to gardens with lots of extra space for their vines to sprawl. Among the most popular varieties is Crimson Sweet, which produces a 20- to ...


How to Grow Melons. When growing season arrives, melons are a favorite fruit to grow and eat. There are many delicious varieties of melon that all require similar conditions for planting and growing, including watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe and muskmelon. Melons grow best in warm weather, with plenty of sunshine and...


When learning how to grow watermelon, temperature is a factor but not a major one to consider. Watermelons grow best when the temperature is 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and 65-70 degrees at night. However, watermelons are tolerant of hot summer temperatures, and can easily grow even in hotter conditions once established.


Sweet, juicy homegrown watermelons capture the magic of summer with explosive taste that puts store-bought melons to shame. Like their cantaloupe cousins, watermelons demand 2 to 3 months of heat to produce ripe fruit, which makes growing watermelons in northern regions challenging, but not impossible.


How to Grow Crimson Sweet Watermelons. Select a bright, sunny location for growing Crimson Sweet watermelons. Watermelons grow well on hills which offer warmer soil, deeper root space and irrigation opportunities that keep moisture off the leaves. Work soil at the sight deeply and incorporate plenty of organic matter.


How I Plant And Grow Watermelons. Randy DeSoto, Santa Rosa, California. Growing Zone 9. I have grown watermelons for the last 10 years or so in my little backyard garden. I have to say it is my favorite crop of all. Like most gardeners, I love growing just about everything. But for some reason, there is something so neat about growing watermelons.


Watermelon conjures fond memories of hot summer days, chins dripping with juice and happy kids running around. To help you with growing watermelon, our comprehensive guide gives you all the details about planting, harvesting, companion plants and pests to look out for, so you can grow your own fond memories!