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To connect a Roku to a TV, connect an audio/video cable to the output on the device and the corresponding input on the TV. To set up the device, connect it to the Internet, turn it on and follow the setup prompts.


The Roku 2 is a content streaming device that connects to a television using an HDMI cable. It provides full 1080p high-definition video support, wireless connectivity and mobile device syncing capability.


Roku streaming media players do not require a cable subscription to function; however, many cable companies and cable network channels have apps available that allow authorized subscribers to stream content with Roku devices, including Time Warner Cable, ESPN, the History Channel, Showtime Anytime,


The Roku player is a miniature audio device that connects to a wireless home network or router via an Ethernet cord to stream movies, TV shows and music to a paired television. Once connected, the device links with the user’s Roku account to access media files through the Roku Store or other provide


No Roku models require a computer for use, as of 2015. The Roku unit plugs in to a TV via a composite or HDMI cable and allows streaming video content via the home’s Internet connection directly to the TV.


A Roku box is a streaming TV device that provides an alternative to watching via antenna or a cable service. The box connects directly to the TV and a home's Internet-receiving computer network. It also works with or without cable TV networks.


Some channels available on Roku include ESPN, Comedy Central, NBC Sport, and History. Roku claims to have more than 1,800 television channels in the United States. Each Roku channel falls under the private or public category. Roku also divides channels into smaller sub-categories such as sports, kid


To add a channel to a Roku device, go to Roku's website, Roku.com, and click on Browse Channels near the top of the page. After finding a channel, click the Add Channel button.


Apps and services available on Apple TV that are not available on Roku include HBO Now, iTunes and Beats Music as of April 2015. Apple TV features not provided by Roku include the AirPlay functionality, allowing users to mirror video, photos and app content from iOS devices on the television.


The Roku is a streaming media player that connects televisions with home Internet networks. Roku players include a simple remote and an intuitive interface that helps users to choose from a large selection of streaming channels. There are five Roku models with different features and specifications.