To get wrinkles out of polyester fabric, a person should try either dampening the polyester fabric with water and then ironing the wrinkles out or try washing the item with a permanent press setting and short permanent p... More »

To get wrinkles out of a shirt, hang it up as soon as it is dry. Gently smooth your hands over the warm shirt immediately after removing it from the dryer. For stubborn wrinkles, use an iron. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Use a garment steamer to get rid of wrinkles from a suit. Steaming smooths wrinkles out from all types of fabric. You need a garment steamer, clothes hangers and a steamer pressing board to steam a suit. More »

Using techniques such as thoroughly cleaning the fabric prior to dyeing, heating the water to a simmer before adding the dye and constantly moving the fabric while dyeing improves the results when dyeing polyester. Polye... More »

Wash 100 percent polyester using the permanent press cycle and warm water setting. Dry it on the low heat setting on the dryer or hang it to dry for best results. Polyester can also be safely dry cleaned. More »

In order to soften fabric on a Carhartt jacket or other clothing item, such as one made with denim, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle on the smallest setting in the washing machine or hand wash and rinse wi... More »

Polyester fibers are not stretchy, but polyester can be made into stretchy fabric. If woven, polyester tends to be firm, like a bed sheet or dress pants material. More »