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Get smooth hair by brushing your hair with a natural bristle brush. Apply an alcohol-free conditioning spray to make your hair instantly smooth and silky.


Protecting the skin from the sun, abstaining from smoking, eating a healthy diet and managing stress results in smooth and clear skin, states WebMD. Avoiding strong soaps and regularly moisturizing the skin can also lead to healthy skin.


To get smooth legs, exfoliate with a scrub and use a hair-removing cream on a regular basis. Apply a lotion after your routine to prevent dryness and skin irritation.


To get rid of dry skin on your face, take short, lukewarm showers, wash with a soap-free cleanser, moisturize your face after washing and showering, and drink plenty of water. Always wear sunscreen outside to avoid dry skin from sun damage.


To treat dry skin, follow a daily routine of cleansing and exfoliating. Washing the face with just water or cleansing it with oil keeps facial skin from becoming dry. Drinking a lot of water is also important for having healthy skin.


Exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub and a nubby washcloth two or three times a week is the best way to remove dead, flaky skin on the face. Exfoliation helps to reveal new skin that is bright and supple, cleanses pores, and provides a smooth canvas for moisturizers a...


Burns on the face should be treated as a major burn, according to Mayo Clinic. Cover the burn with a moist bandage or a clean cloth and stay upright to keep the burn above the heart. Call an ambulance or go to the hospital immediately.