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Get smooth hair by brushing your hair with a natural bristle brush. Apply an alcohol-free conditioning spray to make your hair instantly smooth and silky.


Protecting the skin from the sun, abstaining from smoking, eating a healthy diet and managing stress results in smooth and clear skin, states WebMD. Avoiding strong soaps and regularly moisturizing the skin can also lead to healthy skin.


To get smooth legs, exfoliate with a scrub and use a hair-removing cream on a regular basis. Apply a lotion after your routine to prevent dryness and skin irritation.


Hair treatments that restore moisture and strength, as well as changes to the regular hair care routine, help turn dry, damaged hair into silky, smooth tresses. Excessive heat styling, harsh winter weather and even hard water can damage hair, making it brittle and unhea...


According to About.com, the key to getting smooth legs after shaving is prepping the skin properly before shaving. Exfoliating the skin and using the right shaving tools also helps keep legs smooth after shaving.


Many people lighten their skin by using skin-lightening products containing chemicals, which reduce pigment in the skin. These products are available over the counter, but stronger doses may be prescribed by a doctor. Skin can also be lightened with natural items such a...


To get soft skin, exfoliate the skin with milk, apply aloe masks weekly and sleep with a humidifier. For your body, soak in healthy oils and use glycerin and lotions that contain oatmeal. Eat walnuts, flaxseed and foods containing ceramide to enhance skin's softness.