As of 2015, the InstaNatural eye gel sold on Amazon is the highest rated for dark circles and eye puffiness. The next highest rated on Amazon is the NuNutrients cucumber eye cream. Walmart offers the Neutrogena rapid dar... More »

To get rid of undereye circles, sleep with two pillows, apply a cold compress, and lighten the skin with natural ingredients. Select the appropriate eye cream based on the underlying cause, and take a multivitamin. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Limit salt intake, manage allergies, change sleep positions, remove makeup before bed, drink alcohol cautiously and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays to reduce under-eye bags. Use cool compresses on the eyes, such a... More »

Some remedies to treat dark circles beneath the eyes include diet adjustments, a change in sleeping position, taking an antihistamine and using chilled tea bags or cold spoons to reduce puffiness. Several commercial crea... More »

Tea bags from caffeinated tea blends can help decrease the appearance of dark under eye circles. Dark circles can appear under the eyes due to a number of causes and tea bags are an affordable and efficient way to treat ... More »

To reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, leave cucumbers on the eyes for approximately10 minutes. This can also help ease eye strain caused from activities like reading or looking at a computer screen for ... More »

Common home remedies used to treat bags under the eyes include applying cool tea bags, cucumber slices, cotton balls soaked in lavender oil or witch hazel and slightly cooled teaspoons to the eye area to reduce puffiness... More »