To get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen, throw out any old or overripe fruit in the kitchen or pantry, clean out the sink drain and purchase or make fruit fly traps to contain and kill the remaining flies. Fruit flies a... More »

According to Garden Mentors, fruit flies can easily be deterred from plants with sticky traps, which are pesticide-free sheets of paper that naturally attract pests. Fruit flies can also be controlled with splash bait, a... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Get rid of fruit flies by purging the house of overripe fruit and vegetables, cleaning surfaces and containers where food is stored or prepared, and sterilizing drains. Make a fruit fly trap with a jar, some plastic wrap... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

Homemade fruit fly traps are designed to attract fruit flies, so it might appear at first as if they are bringing more fruit flies into a home. However, the traps are actually attracting flies that are already in the hom... More »

To treat a sewer drain for flies, pour hot water down the drain to kill any existing flies and thoroughly clean the drain pipes and traps. To clean scum out of the pipes, pour salt and baking soda down the drain and chas... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

To get rid of fruit flies in your home, first discard any rotting fruit or vegetables. Take out the trash, and remove any damp or moist items where fruit flies can lay their eggs, such as sponges and mops. Finally, trap ... More »

Sewer flies, also known as drain flies, enter the house through open windows and doors and reproduce in drains and stagnant water. To get rid of them you need clear plastic cups, cooking spray, a long-handled brush and d... More »