Outdoor flies can be controlled with a pesticide methods that include cone traps and fly paper. Cone traps are filled with an attractant that draws flies in and traps them beneath the cone. Fly paper is coated with a sti... More »

Get rid of fruit flies by purging the house of overripe fruit and vegetables, cleaning surfaces and containers where food is stored or prepared, and sterilizing drains. Make a fruit fly trap with a jar, some plastic wrap... More »

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To get rid of scorpions in the home, remove all clutter from indoor and outdoor spaces, seal any cracks in the home's walls or foundation, eliminate other pests that serve as food sources for scorpions and set commercial... More »

Silverfish bug control involves removing paper or food clutter that allows the pests to feed and nest, removing moisture from the area that allows nymphs to grow quickly, applying a pesticide to the area, trapping any re... More »

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Whiteflies can be controlled through a variety of methods that include spraying the infested leaves with garlic oil or insecticidal soap, placing sticky traps in common gathering areas, and spraying the insects with pyre... More »

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To get rid of ground-nesting bees, locate the nest entrances, apply pesticide powder to the entrances after dark, and rake the soil to destroy the nest. Apply additional pesticide to the affected area after raking, and c... More »

To get rid of tiny ants in your home, eliminate food and water sources, close all access points to your home and use pesticide baits. Ants most frequently infest kitchens, so it is crucial to keep a kitchen as clean as p... More »