Eliminating food sources is one way to reduce the presence of copperhead snakes. Copperhead snake control can take many months to complete and requires consistent effort until populations are reduced. Fencing can be inst... More »

Getting rid of mold requires stopping the moisture causing the mold and cleaning the existing mold. Repairing damage and repainting is done after all mold is gone. More »

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To get rid of scorpions in the home, remove all clutter from indoor and outdoor spaces, seal any cracks in the home's walls or foundation, eliminate other pests that serve as food sources for scorpions and set commercial... More »

There are a number of strategies for getting rid of ducks, including having them trapped by a professional or discouraging their presence by frightening them in some way. It is important to discourage the presence of duc... More »

To get rid of a salamander infestation, reduce exterior food sources, spray insect killer around the interior of the home, apply salamander repellents and spray salamander repellent spray around the exterior of the home.... More »

The fastest way to rid a yard or an attic of raccoons is to remove or block paths to food sources. The Old Farmer's Almanac recommends starting by keeping birdseed sealed away at night when raccoons, which are nocturnal,... More »

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Get rid of unwanted birds by first removing their food and water sources and denying them access to suitable nesting areas. If these steps do not fully repel the birds, use repellents, sound makers or bird frightening de... More »

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