If experiencing toothache pain under a filling, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible, according to Mayo Clinic. In the meantime, toothache can be treated at home with over-the-counter pain medication. More »

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Toothache pain can be treated at home by using warm water to rinse the mouth, using eugenol or an over-the-counter antiseptic, taking over-the-counter pain medications and using dental floss to get rid of plague. These m... More »

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Flossing or rinsing can get rid of some common toothaches, but the particular type of remedy is affected by the cause, according to Smile Dental Center Family Dentistry. Taking anti-inflammatory medications such as aspir... More »

To treat a toothache, clean and inspect the mouth, try at-home remedies and treatments to reduce the pain, and see a dentist, if necessary. The time required to cure a toothache varies depending on the cause and treatmen... More »

Although it is often necessary to consult with a dentist when a toothache occurs, remedies to ease the pain and help reduce irritation include rinsing the mouth with warm water and flossing to remove food particles. An o... More »

Patients can relieve toothache swelling and pain by applying a cool compress to the outside of the mouth and taking over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, according to WebMD. It helps to kee... More »

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In addition to pain in the left arm, telltale signs of a heart attack include shortness of breath, a squeezing sensation or fullness in the chest, toothache, headache and jaw pain, states MedicineNet. Additional symptoms... More »