The time it takes to get pregnant varies, but about 84 percent of women get pregnant within a year of regular sex without contraception, says NHS Choices. Depending on age, reproductive health, and the frequency of sex, ... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

It is not possible to get pregnant before ovulation begins, according to the National Health Service in England. Ovulation occurs when eggs are released from an ovary. After release, conception is feasible for up to 24 h... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

While there aren't any foods that help a woman become pregnant, eating a balanced diet can help improve a woman's fertility. Exercise, a nutritious diet and good overall health are three keys to being able to conceive, a... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

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Nose bleeding during a pregnancy is a common and normal phenomenon, according to NHS Choices. Hormonal changes associated with a pregnancy are responsible for the minor nose bleeding. More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

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