As of 2014, Stanford University requires applicants to submit SAT or ACT Plus Writing test scores, an official high school transcript, the Common Application School Report Form with a letter of evaluation by a counselor,... More » Education Colleges & Universities

There is no minimum GPA required for admission to Stanford. However, Stanford does provide data on applicants and incoming classes. That data show that a higher GPA increases the likelihood of admission. More »

Humans get cheek dimples either through genetics or from cosmetic surgery, according to Stanford's Museum of Innovation and FOX 10 Phoenix. The ratio of people with natural dimples to those without is roughly 11 to 1, me... More » Health

Applicants to Colorado State University must fill out either the Common Application or the Colorado State University application, pay an application fee of $50, supply their most recent high school transcript, send in th... More » Education Colleges & Universities

As of 2014, Bard College requires prospective students to make an application, pay an application fee, take an entrance examination and provide: teacher recommendations, a guidance counselor's recommendation, a school re... More » Education Colleges & Universities

As of 2015 the application requirements for NYU include submitting a nonrefundable application fee, the Common Application, standardized test scores and teacher recommendations. The school also suggests taking at least f... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Students applying to Duke don't need to have a specific SAT score, although Duke University does require applicants to submit either SAT or ACT, test scores with the application. Since the school is highly competitive an... More » Education Colleges & Universities