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Take Highlights Out Of Your Hair Q: Is there any way that you can take highlights out of your hair without having to grow them out? A: When the hair is highlighted, the color is removed via a bleaching process and is permanently gone.


To get rid of hair highlights, wait for them to grow out, wash the hair with shampoo that is not meant for color-treated hair or dye the highlighted portions the same color as the rest of the hair. Growing out highlights is problematic because it results in dark roots until the highlights are completely gone.


When your only wish is to see your blond highlights go away, you have two options. You can let your highlights grow out over the next several months or you can take immediate action to remove blond highlights with a quick color application. Covering over highlights with hair color is the easiest, ...


How to Get the Brassy Tones Out of Your Hair Color ... This is a tutorial on how to highlight and tone your hair to get the brassiness out. Learn some techniques about corrective hair coloring ...


Looking for stunningly beautiful hair highlight ideas? Or maybe you’re in need of inspiration for streaks of color that will turn heads? Want to find out how to add gorgeous multi-dimensional highlights to add extra oomph just in a more natural looking way?


Good news is, however, you can get natural highlights, lighten or darken your hair with natural stuff, too! The results are less intense than the salon, and they won’t turn your hair from blonde to brunette overnight, but they’re way less rough on your hair. Besides, we’re big fans of the more subtle look. 12 Ways to Get Natural Highlights


How to Bring out Natural Red and Blond Highlights. Light, natural-looking highlights can add a lot of dimension and life to blonde or red hair, but you don't have to spend a lot of money at the salon to get them. If you already have...


I know you don't want to dye your hair, but you could always purchase a semi-permanent warm, light brown hair dye and color the highlights. It will cover them for a few weeks without damaging your hair and you could, theoretically, continue to do this until your hair grows out.


Whether your hair is dark, brown, blonde or red, the process of highlighting brings out its natural bright tones. Spending time in the sun is an easy, effective way to naturally highlight your hair, but if you want to speed the process along, there are other natural ways to boost the golden hues in your hair.