Setting your homepage to Google is done through the web browser's "tools" or "settings" function. It varies depending on the browser being used. If using Google Chrome, the homepage is already set to Google unless it was... More »

Homepages are useful as a primary location for all of your web browsing. The most popular are Google, Yahoo, Bing or simply a blank page (about:blank). Many browser add-ons or websites change your homepage to their websi... More »

Disable Google SafeSearch by visiting the search settings page. The search settings page can be found online by typing into the Web search bar. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Users can log into a Belkin router's configuration page by entering its IP address into the address bar of a web browser and providing the correct password at the login page. The default IP address for all Belkin routers... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To make Charter your homepage, open your web browser, enter the Charter web address in the URL box, navigate to the browser's Options page and press the button to set the current page as the homepage. The exact steps may... More »

Users connect to a proxy server by entering its IP address and port on a web browser's proxy settings page. The process to set up a proxy varies between browsers; however, the settings are commonly found on a connection ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To set up a Linksys wireless extender, connect your computer to the extender's Ethernet port, log in to the wireless extender's Settings page via your web browser, and configure your router to communicate with the wirele... More » Technology Internet & Networking