Eliminating fleas in the environment is an effective way to keep fleas from biting humans. Products that eliminate flea infestations, such as food-grade diatomaceous earth, can be used along with deterrents that keep the... More »

The best way to get rid of fleas is to ensure high standards of personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness. These parasites mostly attack dogs, cats and other farm animals but can easily attack humans as well; they m... More »

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Upon finding the fleas, wash all clothing immediately in hot water and detergent and take a warm shower with plenty of soap. Most fleas only go after people when their preferred hosts, primarily pets, are not present. More »

Keep fleas from biting children by getting rid of fleas from their environment. Professional flea eradication is a good idea, although there are products available for purchase in stores that also help to rid the home of... More »

According to Encyclopædia Britannica, dog fleas can live on humans or other household animals if their preferred hosts are not available. As humans lack body hair comparable to dog and cat hair, fleas find it difficult t... More »

Although dog fleas prefer to live on furry animals, they do bite humans if given the chance. Like most fleas, they are opportunistic feeders and feed on human blood as well as that of other mammals. More »

One of the many natural methods for humans to repel fleas is to include more garlic in the diet. Because fleas dislike garlic's taste, eating it repels them because it is present in human blood when they try to bite. More »

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