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DayZ Commander. DayZCommander is a powerful, open-source tool that's completely focused on making your DayZ adventure as easy to begin as possible. No longer will you need to fumble around with mod packages and clunky server browsers. DayZCommander will install the latest ARMA II: CO beta patch as well as update your DayZ mod files.


DayZ 1.04 brings you an expansion on the disease system and gives purpose to several medical items. On the combat side, we've added two new assault rifles from the trusty KA family and an arsenal of grenades as survivors discover their ability to throw items. However the infected have upgraded as well! Get all the details and full patch notes ...


How to Install the Arma 2 Dayz Mod Manually. DayZ is a wildly successful multiplayer open world survival mod for the video game ArmA 2 and the ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead expansion, together called Combined Operations. The easiest way to...


Should You Buy DayZ Standalone? If you have played the DayZ Mod for ARMA 2, and liked it, I would suggest you get in early for 2 reasons. The first reason is that it will save you money to buy it now. The second reason is so that you will be familiar with how things work. There are a lot of new features and items and more are on the way.


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A basic tutorial in October 2016 on how to install ArmA 2 DayZ with the application: DayZ Launcher. I also point out how to use the launcher once you have installed the game.


A player may use rags either on themselves or on another player. Before applying rags, it is recommended to clear the area of threats or allow for enough time to administer rags safely -- for obvious reasons. To apply rags to yourself: open the inventory screen, drag the rag to your hands, and select "Use".


For the best experience (including high detail textures for all models used in the DayZ Mod) purchase Arma II: Complete Collection. You must first launch ARMA II and ARMA II Operation Arrowhead before running "Arma 2: DayZ mod" for the first time. Click here to learn more about mods on Steam.


How to Craft a Ghillie Suit in DayZ Get your bush wookie on by crafting the full ghillie suit in DayZ. Published March 3, 2015, 3 p.m. about DayZ. by Bill Lavoy. As if bush wookie bandits sniping from the rooftops and hills around Chernarus wasn't bad enough, the folks at Bohemia created an insanely impressive Ghillie Suit. It's so effective ...