Dirty-blond hair with highlights can be achieved at home or the salon. Highlighting kits are less expensive than a trip to the hair salon, but they should only be used by people with blond, light brown or medium brown ha... More »

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Many online retailers offer caramel color highlight kits, including Target, Amazon.com and Drugstore.com. Target also provides kits in its many retail locations for individuals that do not want to wait for items to ship ... More »

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Men and women can dye their hair blonde by visiting a professional colorist at a salon or by using a home hair bleaching product. Depending on the person's natural hair color, it may take several applications to get the ... More »

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Hair experts and professionals do not recommend using home coloring kits to dye the hair more than two shades lighter or darker at home. This is because hair lightening requires bleaching, which can potentially damage th... More »

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While it varies based on the type of products used and the efficiency of the stylist, it usually takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get hair colored at a salon, according to a poll by Glamour magazine. While most customers... More »

Ultra-light blonde hair that is so thoroughly bleached that it appears white or silvery is difficult to achieve and, for most hair, requires thorough bleaching that many professional stylists are reluctant to perform bec... More »

If bleached hair turns purple, that means that the base color is purple. There are two ways this can occur. Either there was a bluing agent to prevent a brass color or the high-lift formula had a blue base. More »