Someone who wants to get better grades should begin by attending every class. This ensures students do not miss important information. More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

According to a study carried out by professors Daniel and Susan Voyer at the University of New Brunswick, girls perform better than boys because of self-discipline and encouragement. A study by top scientists at the Univ... More »

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Students can improve at school by displaying good behavior and improving the quality of their class work. Regular attendance, good organization, effective time management and taking notes also help students advance at sc... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Ideal strategies to practice for an exam include studying notes from class, reformatting information and creating a self-test. These strategies help students better engage with material and should be implemented regularl... More »

To study effectively, set aside time each day to study textbooks and class notes in an area that is free of distractions. In addition, take small breaks, and get enough sleep. More » Education Homework Help Study Skills