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Alkaline water is a beverage that has pH level above seven, giving it an alkaline pH as opposed to the neutral pH of regular water. It is sometimes referred to as ionized water.


Water can be made alkaline by using water filtration systems that increase the pH of water via electrolysis, says Louisiana's Health and Fitness Magazine. Ionizer machines can also be used. Simpler methods of creating alkaline water include adding baking soda and alkali...


Alkaline water, also called ionized water, has shown potential for certain health benefits for some people due to its high pH level. However, researchers have not yet verified the claims that alkaline water can cure illnesses or prevent certain conditions, and most doct...


As alkaline water grows in popularity, it is increasingly stocked by specialty shops, health food stores and supermarkets. Other facilities that sell alkaline water include gyms, spas or other venues that promote holistic health and wellness.


Natural alkaline water is generally considered safe to drink as it contains water and minerals. Artificial alkaline water should be drunk with caution, as it likely contains less of the minerals necessary for good health, and overingestion could cause deficiency in thos...


Some of the benefits of alkaline water include the ability to enhance the immune system, balance the body’s pH, act as an antioxidant and improve hydration. Alkaline water is any water with a pH of above 7.0. Typically, alkaline water is created by a water ionizer using...


Avocados, soy, beans, almonds and fresh vegetables are all highly alkaline. Figs, ripe bananas, coconuts and watermelon are moderately alkaline. Fermented, frozen or canned vegetables are not included, nor is meat.