In order to legally get out of a subpoena, you must hire an attorney to respond to or challenge it in court on your behalf. More »

Cellphone records may be subpoenaed like any other information by filling out a proper subpoena form, notes Washington LawHelp. These forms must be issued to you by the court clerk and signed by the judge or commissioner... More »

Some challenging spelling words to practice are "aardvark," "forsythia," "harpsichord," "haughty" and "oscillate." A few other tough words are "paraphernalia," "patriarch," "stationery," "suave" and "subpoena." More » Education

The Clerk of Court issues a subpoena after a pro se litigant or attorney fills out the appropriate forms and has the Order for Issuance of Subpoena signed by a judge or court commissioner, according to WashingtonLawHelp.... More » Government & Politics Law

A person cannot avoid a subpoena simply by not being present and if the person is served with a subpoena and does not appear in court then the individual can be punished for contempt of the court, reports Cornell Univers... More »

Individuals who want to file a motion to quash a subpoena must contact the court that issued the subpoena to acquire and fill out the correct legal forms. All courts have slightly different procedures for individuals who... More »

Failing to show up for court after being served a subpoena can land the recipient of the subpoena in jail, as noted by the Law Offices of Reichel & Plesser. Failing to obey a subpoena may lead to the issuance of a body a... More »