The highest possible ACT score is a 36. The ACT is a standardized achievement test used for college admissions. The ACT measures high school students' general educational development and their capabilities in completing ... More » Education Standardized Tests

You can access your old ACT scores by contacting ACT by phone, online or mail. Scores before September 2006 require a $17 fee to receive the old scores. More »

According to, most ACT scores are available any time of day once they are loaded into the system. The actual time of day is not regulated or revealed. Depending on testing dates and the quantity of tests, ... More »

A composite ACT score of 23 is usually high enough to allow for admittance to many major universities, although it may not be high enough for admittance to an Ivy League university that relies heavily on standardized tes... More »

According to the GED Testing Service, a perfect score is 800 points on each content area for a total standard score of 4,000 as of 2014. The standard score compares the test taker to a graduating high school senior. More »

According to the Princeton Review, a score of 15 or lower on the ACT is consider too low for most four-year colleges. The highest possible score to achieve on the ACT is a 36. More »

As of 2015, the national average composite ACT score is 21 out of 36, according to The two states with the highest average ACT scores are Massachusetts and Connecticut, with a score of 24.4. The state with the l... More » Education Standardized Tests