Recall that an equilateral triangle has all three interior angles 60°. We use one of those angles to get the desired 60 degree result. See the proof below for more ...

Nov 1, 2008 ... This video shows how to construct a 60 degree angle using only a compass and straightedge.

Dec 20, 2014 ... To view construction of different Angles and Triangles, please visit https:// . Don't Memorise brings learning to life through its ...

Constructing a 60 degree angle, constructing a 30 degree angle, constructing a 120 degree angle and constructing a 90 degree angle using a compass.

Practise bisecting angles and drawing the locus of a point. Identify areas that satisfy ... To construct a 60° angle, we first draw a line of any length. Then using a  ...

Jan 8, 2016 ... This article teaches you how to draw a 60 degrees angle using a ... line using a compass, and bisect the 90° angle to get two 45° angles.

Feb 20, 2015 ... ... a 60o angle—just like the one my buddy and I had to make to get his ducts all lined up in a row (get ... Constructing 60 Degree Angle - Step 0.

Make sure the fence is securely locked in at 30 degrees, as you'll need a perfect 30-degree jig to get a proper 60-degree angle for your finished product.

Animation of how to construct a 60 Degree Angle using just a compass and a straightedge (ruler).

Once you get to know the types of angles and how to measure and create your ... a degree like an hour, and you've got it down: One degree equals 60 minutes.