Getting batter to stick to the fish fillet requires a very hot oil, chilled fish and batter, dry fish or a flour coating. All or just a few of these techniques can help keep the batter on a fish fillet when frying. More »

To pan-fry fish, thaw frozen fish or use fresh thin pieces of fish, and coat the pieces with a breading of flour, bread crumbs and eggs. Heat olive oil in a pan, and place a few pieces of breaded fish on it, cooking them... More » Food Cooking Seafood

To deep fry catfish, heat cooking oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and season the catfish fillets or pieces with herbs and spices. Use cornmeal, flour, beer and other flavorful seasonings to make the batter. Fry the catfis... More »

Mario Batali's recipe for fried zeppoles calls for making a dough of flour and polenta and after chilling the dough, cutting it into circles before frying in hot oil. According to preference, roll them in sugar or dip th... More » Food Cooking

Beat eggs, water and olive oil, and season the mixture with parsley, garlic, saffron, baking soda and salt before blending it with flour to make the batter for deep-fried shrimp. The amount of each ingredient needed depe... More » Food Cooking

To make canned salmon, soak the fillets in brine, smoke the fish, place the fish in clean, lidded canning jars, and simmer the filled jars for 100 minutes in a pressure cooker at 11 PSI. Use the pressure cooker according... More » Food Cooking

Use 1/2 cup each of flour and cornstarch beaten together with an egg and 1 cup of seltzer water to make an ideal tempura batter. While traditional Japanese tempura is a simple mixture of flour, eggs and ice water, home c... More » Food Cooking