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As a general rule, freezing fresh potatoes is not recommended, according to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. The water in a potato separates from the starch during freezing, so the potato has a watery texture once thawed.


The best way to cube potatoes when making potato salad is to cut the potatoes to the desired thickness, stack the slices and then cut them crosswise to form the cubes. Either cubed or quartered potatoes work well for potato salad.


Sweet potatoes can be frozen whole, in slices or mashed. The National Center for Home Food Preservation has simple tips on how to do so.


According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, potatoes can be frozen. However, placing potatoes in the freezer can impact their taste and quality. Raw potatoes should be washed and heated through before storing them in the freezer.


It is not dangerous to freeze and then thaw potato salad, so yes it can be frozen. That said, the results of a frozen and thawed potato salad are less than palatable.


Mashed potatoes can freeze well if prepared with plenty of rich dairy additions. Coating the potatoes with fat helps maintain their structure during freezing and makes for delicious reheated results. Taste of Home's designed-to-freeze recipe includes sour cream, butter and cream cheese.


In order to freeze raw potatoes, the potatoes must first be blanched. Before blanching, peel the potatoes, or scrape and wash them. To blanch the potatoes, place them into a blanching basket, and lower them into water that is boiling vigorously. Next, put the lid on the blancher. Within one minute,


To factor cubes, rewrite the original problem as two perfect cubes, square-multiply-square that answer and then write the final answer. If there is a greatest common factor in the original problem, factor that out. Be sure to include it in the final answer.


Raising 9 to the third power, or 9 cubed, results in a value of 729. This is an algebraic process using exponents.


The definition of a perfect cube is a number that is the result of multiplying an integer by itself three times. In other words, according to Reference.com, it is an integer to the third power. An integer is any positive or negative whole number and zero.