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One way to preserve an overabundance of cauliflower is to freeze it until you are ready to add it to a recipe. Typically, vegetables are blanched before they are put in the freezer. Blanching is when vegetables are boiled for one minute to stop enzymes from degrading the taste, texture and color of your vegetables.


Freezing is the best way to preserve cauliflower. It doesn't dehydrate well, and it will lose nutrients and get mushy if you pressure can it. You don't want to just pop it into a ziplock bag and toss it into the freezer.


How to Freeze Cauliflower. Frozen cauliflower is great to have on hand to use in casseroles and soups throughout the year. Just blanch fresh cauliflower while it's at its peak to preserve its flavor and nutrients, then place the florets in...


Vegetables frozen without blanching are still safe to use, but there is a significant loss of quality, particularly if they're stored longer than a few months. An alternative choice is to boil the broccoli or cauliflower until barely fork-tender, then ice bathe them and freeze as described above.


How to Freeze Cauliflower. PDF print version. ... to destroy the enzymes before freezing. Blanching times for cauliflower is 3 minutes (or blanch with steam for 5 minutes) - the duration is just long enough to stop the action of the enzymes and kill the bacteria. Begin counting the blanching time as soon as you place the cauliflower in the ...


How to Blanch and Freeze Cauliflower. Freezing is a great way to preserve excess cauliflower you may have on hand, but it is important that you blanch it before popping this healthy Brassica vegetable in the freezer. For step-by-step instructions on how to blanch and freeze fresh cauliflower, read on.


Learn how to freeze cauliflower rice, without blanching! Plus the fastest way to rice cauliflower and how to use cauliflower rice once its frozen. Cauliflower rice has been popular for quite some time, but it wasn’t until I learned how easy it was to make your own cauliflower rice that I fully ...


This is not, however, the best way to store them. Though it will work for freezing broccoli for shorter periods of time (up to a month), broccoli and cauliflower will lose its fresh-looking color, and the nutritional value will degrade quicker. Blanching is the best way to store fresh broccoli and cauliflower.


Is it possible to freeze spinach, bok choi, and mini bell peppers without blanching? I recall seeing a website from Canada, that showed it possible, but also preferable to regular canning. I am interested in freezing spinach, lettuce, green beans, english peas, carrots, turnip greens, and celery. Thank you for your response, in advance. Reply


I started a discussion in the Chatterbox group about freezing fresh veggies and was asked to post it here in the recipe section so here goes. My 82 year old friend, Susie, gave me a tip on how to freeze veggies WITHOUT BLANCHING them. She's been doing this for well over 20 years now. This is my second year of doing it this way