To fold a bandana into a headband, spread it out flat and then fold in diagonally from opposite corners. Folding will create a smooth headband with no bulk or floppy loose ends. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To fold a bandana like Tupac, fold it several times into a headband. Then tie it once at the top of the forehead to recreate the rapper's iconic look. More »

An easy way to tie a bandana around the head is to fold the bandana into a triangle, wrap it over the forehead and tie it into a knot in the back. Women can also tie bandanas in different ways to create retro pin-up look... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

One way to put on a bandana is to fold the bandana in half into a triangle, place the folded edge over your forehead, and tie the two ends of the folded edge into a half knot. Place the remaining corner over the single k... More »

To tie a bandanna, simply fold a single corner of the bandanna to form the forehead, then use the side corners to tie a knot at the back of your head so that the bottom corner passes through the knot. You need a flat sur... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To wear a bandana, wrap the bandana around your head. Tie the ends together to keep the bandana in place. More »

Fold a bandana diagonally, and cover your forehead with the longest edge of the bandana, to fold a bandana like a gangster. Create an authentic gangster look by choosing bandanas with street, tribal or graffiti prints. More »