A bandanna is a square piece of cloth worn on the head or sometimes around the neck. Bandannas are most commonly used to keep sweat and hair out of the eyes. They are sometimes tied around the neck for use as a cloth to ... More »

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To fold a bandana like Tupac, fold it several times into a headband. Then tie it once at the top of the forehead to recreate the rapper's iconic look. More »

Fold a bandana diagonally, and cover your forehead with the longest edge of the bandana, to fold a bandana like a gangster. Create an authentic gangster look by choosing bandanas with street, tribal or graffiti prints. More »

To tie a bandanna, simply fold a single corner of the bandanna to form the forehead, then use the side corners to tie a knot at the back of your head so that the bottom corner passes through the knot. You need a flat sur... More »

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"Tartan" is the word used for a checkered pattern, and "plaid" is the word used for a piece of cloth that has a checkered pattern on it. The two terms are nearly interchangeable. More »

Some Nigerian fashion styles including clothing made from Ankara cloth, the aso-ebi traditional style for weddings and the gele, a type of head tie. Ankara cloth is often combined with lace, chiffon or other materials to... More »

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To wear a bandana, wrap the bandana around your head. Tie the ends together to keep the bandana in place. More »