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Follow the tips below to pinpoint and repair the cause of the stains, then clean, prime, and paint over the water stains to restore the blemish-free finish of your ceiling. STEP 1: Identify and ...


Unsightly water stains on the ceiling don't have to ruin the look and feel of a room. Make your ceiling look new again. You can fix a water stain by just following a few steps, buying some basic ...


When water stains mar your ceiling, the water comes from above. Whether from the roof or a slow leak from a water pipe, the drip itself is more of a problem than the stain.


Step-by-Step Guide: Just follow these instructions on how to effectively remove water stains from your ceiling.. 1.Locate the source of the water stain or moisture. Check the pipes or the fixture above your ceiling.


Before repairing the water stain, be sure to fix the leak so the stain doesn’t reappear and to prevent further damage to your home from rot and mold. To repair the water stain on a ceiling, prime the spot using a spray can of stain blocking primer that can be applied vertically.


I have a popcorn ceiling and there is a dark water stain in the center.I have found the source of the water leak and it has been fixed. Now I need to fix the area to blend in with the rest of the ceiling. The popcorn texture/stucco/cottage cheese material in the water damaged area does not look the same as the rest of the ceiling.


Fix the stain. Check to see if the ceiling is wet or just stained. Most water stains will be on the ceiling below a bathroom fixture. If the ceiling is wet … Poke a hole in the center of the water stain with a drill bit. Have a bucket on hand to catch additional water that’s trapped behind the ceiling. Check for mold (see rookie tip below).


How to Fix Water Stains on Ceiling Photo 1: Scrap off the damaged texture Lay down a tarp and scrape off all the loose, flaking texture with a putty knife. Hold a scrap of cardboard underneath the damaged area to catch the falling flakes.