While central heating problems arise from many issues, various troubleshooting techniques may fix specific complications. In the case of uneven heat distribution, air and hot water may be released from radiators to regul... More »

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Recommended methods for fixing an EdenPURE heater include performing a hard reset, changing the location of the heater, washing the filter and plugging the power cord in a different location, according to the company's c... More »

The Home Depot, Horizon Services, Riley Plumbing and Heating, PSNC Energy and Hunt's Plumbing and Mechanical are businesses that fix water heater problems, as of 2015. Each company has an official website where customers... More »

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To fix the problem of trapped air in a central heating system, bleed the radiators and the circulating pump and then top up the water in the heating system. Repeat the bleeding process after a day or two to release any a... More »

A central heating boiler heats water using electricity, gas, heating oil or another fuel source, and then distributes hot water or steam to the rooms of the home. As the water or steam passes through the radiators, radia... More »

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Several different issues cause a central heating system to stop working. For instance, when the power is out, most systems no longer provide heat. Even though a forced air system uses natural gas as fuel, it may require ... More »

According to RedBeacon, the most common central heating problems include gas supply problems, blocked or leaky ducts, weak pilot lights and malfunctioning thermostats. Gas supply problems are the responsibility of the ut... More »