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If they messed up a short hairstyle, and it isn’t looking too good, you can try buzzing it to at least get it uniform in length and make it look more “ordinary.” If they cut your hairline unevenly, try using the hair further up on top to help cover up the area. Can you bring some of it down to help cover up your forehead?


OK, so it's been a week and the cut's still bad. You need a fix-it cut. The key to getting a successful redo is speaking your hairstylist's language, says Jon Reyman, the founder of Spoke & Weal ...


The article enlists 5 ways in which men can fix a bad haircut. Some of these ways to fix a bad haircut are ask for a touchup, change styles, wear a hat, make a statement, go shiny disco ball and ...


In this video, I talk about how I fix my choppy hair when I get a bad haircut. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, I DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL FOR THIS!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING THIS ...


Maybe you went in looking for an updated Rachel and ended up looking more like Ross – or maybe your layered cut isn't horrific, but just isn't great. A bad haircut does a number on a woman's self esteem. Get your mojo back by finding a new way to rock the style, or at least by finding ...


Okay well yesturday I went into the salon with my hair perfectly the way I wanted it, except of course my layers had grown out. I told him I needed a 'trim' I specifically asked him to razor cut it and make my outgrown layers at the top shorter. He cut my hair SHORT. All of it and in the end he even straighted out the layers with scissors.


Once you've decided to go for the fix and you're with a barber you're certain you can count on, ask for a “fix cut.” This is the terminology barbers use for making a bad haircut look presentable. Again, you'll want to be as clear and specific as you can about what you wanted and what went wrong.


How to Cope with a Haircut That Is Too Short. We've all been there: you go to the salon to get a haircut, and walk out wondering what happened to your once-beautiful hair. Dealing with a haircut that's too short is never fun, but with the...


While a messed up hairline may be a result of your genetics, there are many other factors that can cause an uneven or receding hairline, including stress, bad nutrition, and horrible hair care. Below, we discuss 5 ways to fix a bad hairline.