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2004. Q. I own and operate a furniture finishing business, in San Diego. I came across your site looking for material on parawood. I am very familiar with parawood, we see it's stubborn dense wood grain mostly in inexpensive chairs and tables.


However, parawood is a really good choice if you know how to maintain it. How to Finish Your Parawood. Do you want to get yourself a new parawood chair or table now? Or maybe you’d like to make your own furniture out of parawood? Fortunately, parawood is so easy to paint and to finish.


hello all, I spend most of my time over on turning forum, but have a question that I thought was best suited for the finishing forum. I have a friend who is planning on buying a dining room table made of parawood. The table will be unfinished when he recieves it. Knowing that i work with wood (although not typically furniture), he asked me for suggestions on finishing the table.


On soft woods such as Pine, Aspen or Alder sand first with #120 and finish with #220. On hardwoods such as Oak, Maple, Birch or Parawood sand first with #120 and finish no finer than #180. End-grains (areas where the wood has been cut against the grain), such as the front side of a table, tend to soak up more stain than other surfaces.


We are finishing a dining room set in parawood. Since we wanted to make sure to get the result we were looking for we tested the underside of the table first. After buying and testing two Minwax oil stains, two Minwax Polyshades and a Minwax gel stain we did not like any of the results (and we pre conditioned the wood also). ...


Rubberwood, or parawood, is a blonde, close-grained wood used to make inexpensive furniture. You can refinish it just as you can any other wood, but it's advisable to condition the wood before staining to avoid blotchiness. If you're changing colors from dark to light, you may have to bleach.


Strip the old finish, sand out the stain, sand very well up to 180 or 220 grit to prepare it for the new finish, and then apply the new finish. First, try the entire new finish on the bottom of the chair seat (or the bottom of the table) to see how it looks.


The word "rubberwood" gives the impression of a flexible, perhaps gummy substance that you must finish with special care. In fact, rubberwood is an attractive hardwood with multiple uses in ...


How to Stain Rubberwood. Step 1 Sand (by hand or with a power sander) the rubberwood with coarse sandpaper--remember to sand with the grain. Wipe off the wood with a lint-free cloth and then sand again, this time using fine-grit sandpaper. ... How to Stain and Finish Plywood 2 How to Stain Hemlock Wood 3 What Color Is Oak Wood? 4 How to Stain ...