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Because gases fill their containers, their volume is the same as the internal volume of the container. Liquids are commonly measured using containers, where the volume is marked or else is the internal shape of the container. Examples of instruments used to measure liquid volume include measuring cups, graduated cylinders, flasks, and beakers.


Best Answer: In a regular shaped object, you measure the sides and use the proper formula multiplying . Using a graduated cylinder, you can measure the volume of a liquid. You can also find the volume of an irregular shaped object by submerging it in a known volume of water and reading the new volume and subtracting.


A Look at English Units of Volume. Materials Needed: English weights and measures conversion chart (found in many math books, encyclopedias or dictionaries, or online); dictionary. Procedure: For each of the following English units, use a conversion chart to find out the number of units in the second column that are equal to one unit in the first column.


If you can find two containers like that, you can tell everyone that they have the same volume! Lesson Summary. Volume is the physical property of an object that describes how much space it takes ...


How to Find the Volume in a Test Tube 3 Ways to Find Test Tube or NMR Tube Volume . Share Flipboard Email Print Calculate the volume in a test tube using the volume formula for a cylinder and converting it to the proper units. Cultura Science/GIPhotoStock / Getty Images Science. Chemistry Basics Chemical Laws


Volume is the amount of space an object occupies. The volume of an object can be calculated geometrically using mathematical equations or by measuring liquid displacement. In the experiment below you will measure the volume of a cube using the formula V=(side)x(side)x(side) and by using a graduated cylinder to measure liquid displacement.


Volume is the amount of space occupied by an object or a material. Volume is said to be a derived unit, since the volume of an object can be known from other measurements. In order to find the volume of a rectangular box, for example, one only needs to know the length, width, and depth of the box.


decrease volume of a gas, the pressure of the gas will increase and vice versa (temperature remains constant) V₁P₁= V₂P₂ up, down. ... Physical science formulas & units 27 terms. skms_stem. 8th Grade Science Fall Exam 63 terms. dianabauer. 8th Grade Chapter 2 Vocabulary Elements and the Periodic Table 31 terms. Stew6.


Learn about how mass and volume are connected by a special formula, how to calculate volumes of common 3D shapes, and how to convert between different units of mass and volume.


In scientific terms, volume is three-dimensional space occupied by a gas, liquid or solid. Scientists measure volume in cubic units, such as liters, cubic meters, gallons and ounces. The most common equation to find volume is mass divided by density. It is important to be able to find the volume of shapes for many different scientific calculations.