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Suppose you know that the circumference of a circle is 20 centimeters and you want to calculate the radius. Just plug the value for the circumference into the equation and solve. Remember that pi is approximately equal to 3.14.


The formula to find the circumference when radius is given is Radius = Circumference/(2*π) The formula to find the area when radius is given is Area of circle = π*Radius*Radius In the above formulas, π=3.14159 and R is the radius. You can read more about circumference in this WikiPedia article - Circumference.


Circle Shape. r = radius d = diameter C = circumference A = area π = pi = 3.1415926535898 √ = square root. Calculator Use. Use this circle calculator to find the area, circumference, radius or diameter of a circle. Given any one variable A, C, r or d of a circle you can calculate the other three unknowns.


To calculate the circumference of a circle, use the formula C = πd, where "C" is the circumference, "d" is the diameter, and π is 3.14. If you have the radius instead of the diameter, multiply it by 2 to get the diameter. You can also use the formula for circumference of a circle using radius, which is C = 2πr.


To calculate the radius of a circle by using the circumference, take the circumference of the circle and divide it by 2 times π. For a circle with a circumference of 15, you would divide 15 by 2 times 3.14 and round the decimal point to your answer of approximately 2.39. Be sure to include the units in your answer.


Finally, you can find the diameter - it is simply double the radius: D = 2*R = 2*14 = 28 cm. Use our circumference calculator to find the radius when you only have the circumference or area of a circle. If you wish to calculate the properties of a three-dimensional solid, such as a sphere, cylinder or cone, it's best to use our volume calculator.


The only formula for Circumference used in this video was C=2Pir. However it would have been just as easy to have used C=Pid and then work backwards to find the radius.


Learn the relationship between the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle. ... Radius, diameter, circumference & π ... Area of a circle. Practice: Area of a circle. Finding circumference of a circle when given the area. Partial circle area and arc length. Practice: Area of parts of circles. Area of circles review. Radius and diameter.


If the circumference or diameter is given then you can find the radius or simply measure the distance from the centre of the circle to the circumference. Read More share:


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