Percent simply means "out of 100." Instead of saying it "he made 54 out of 100 shots," it is easier to say "he shot 54 percent from the field." The percentage of any number may be calculated by following just a few simpl... More » Math Arithmetic

To calculate percentage, divide the number that is to be expressed as a percentage by the total or whole. The resulting number is then multiplied by 100 to obtain the percentage. More »

Percentage calculations come into play in many real-world situations, such as determining how much to tip in a restaurant and figuring out the discounted prices of clothing. Here's how to do these calculations. More »

To subtract a percentage from a price, convert the percentage into a decimal and multiply the decimal by the price. The answer is the amount to subtract from the original price. More »

To calculate the percentage between two numbers, determine the type of percentage needed. Then, subtract one number from the other, and divide it based on the type of percentage. Finally, multiply the answer by 100 to fi... More »

A Venn diagram is a visual tool to show relationships and difference between multiple sets of data. A Venn diagram is capable of displaying set relationships and logical relationships. More » Math Arithmetic, and all have 100-by-100 multiplication charts. The numbers the same in all the charts; 25 x 72 always equals 1800. The NCalculators chart is available in downloada... More »