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This category covers many types of permits and inspections including building inspections and permits, restaurant inspections, health permits, OSHA inspections and health inspections. Links to searchable permit and inspection databases are provided where possible as are links to state, county and city rules and regulations governing various ...


Inquire of local construction associations that also gather information about new building permits that have been issued. The National Association of Home Builders offers a search tool on their website to find the appropriate local association.


MAIN CRITERIA Geography: States and Counties CBSA's. Periodicity: Monthly (Preliminary) Monthly (Final) Annual

www.nahb.org/News and Economics/Housing Economics/State and Local Data/Building...

Building Permits by State and Metro Area. Housing Data Share: Building Permits by State and Metro Area Data from the U.S. Census Bureau Download <p>Get the latest updates on key developments in the housing industry.</p> ... <p>The rewards of building the houses and communities that people call home are immeasurable.</p> Why NAHB.


How to Find Your Building Permit In most towns and cities around the world, there is a Code Enforcement or a Community Development department that handles all the building permits for the location. You can obtain more information about the exact person to deal with for building permits by visiting your town hall and asking for additional help ...


10/1/16 - As of October 2016, Building Permits data are available free of charge. 9/25/16 - Coverage Footnotes, in Text format, are now available under Related Information. 12/26/14 - Beginning with the January 2015 release, the building permit data reflect a small increase in the universe of permit-issuing places and are labeled as the 2014 ...


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A construction permit, also called a building permit or a repair permit is a lawful formality required in most U.S. jurisdictions for new or expanded construction, or adding onto pre-existing structures, and in some cases for major renovations. Property owners who do any essential remodeling or adding other improvements to their real properties, such as decks, pools or retaining walls, almost ...


We have a couple of options for searching permits: Search for document images for all permits (Please note: To view building plans, you must come in person to our document room on the fifth floor of 1010 Massachusetts Avenue.) Search data on permits issued after December 15, 2009; Here is a brief guide on navigating and searching within the system.