To get rid of a yellow jacket nest in the ground, pour soapy water into the nest's entrance, or treat the nest with commercial insecticide. Treating the nest can be completed in a few minutes, but some insecticides may r... More »

To remove a yellow jacket nest from inside an interior wall, locate the nest entrance, establish a decoy, pump diatomaceous earth into the nest, seal it with duct tape, and remove the nest. The supplies you need are a fl... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Removing a yellow jacket nest requires purchasing a pesticide and placing it in and around the nest at night, when the insects are less active. To completely remove the nests, use both aerosols and dust pesticides. More » Home & Garden Pest Control

To kill hornets nesting in the ground, locate the nest entrance during the day, and wait until dark to pour a powdered insecticide recommended for hornets into the nest entrance. When approaching the nest, move slowly, a... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

To eliminate bumble bees, locate the bees' nest and treat it with soapy water or insecticide dust. Aerosol-type insecticide spray is used to treat exposed nests. More »

To get rid of tiny black ants inside the home, close the ant's entrance to the home and treat the area with an insecticide or natural remedy. Natural remedies for ants include cloves, mint and diatomaceous earth. More »

To control ants indoors, follow ant trails to find the nest and spray it directly with an insecticide if possible. If the nest isn't directly accessible, use ant bait or nonrepellent insecticide around the perimeter of t... More »