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I'm learning a lot about myself, improving myself, so when I find that right community that meshes with me and I mesh with me, I'll have become a better person, more willing to help out where needed, better at resolving our differences, and more prepared to live in humility with them. TL;DR Not all eco-villages (intentional communities) are the ...


Have you ever fantasized about dropping out of mainstream society and joining a commune? Today there are plenty of intentional communities, and joining so can actually be a realistic option for some people. There are, however, plenty of considerations that you should keep in mind when investigating the possibility.


How can you find a commune? I’d start with the directory on IC.org, its the largest single directory in the world. Then you can also check the directory at Federation of Egalitarian Communities. There are two internet forums I know of that discuss...


HOW TO LIVE IN A COMMUNE. Do you think living with a bunch of people might be for you? We talked to Laird to find out more. Laird is the Executive Secretary of the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), a nonprofit he helped start in 1987 and that provides information about intentional communities of all types, focusing mainly on North ...


When I was twelve, someone told me what a commune was and I told my mother I intended to live on one instead of going to college. I actually did end up dropping out of college, but for Occupy Wall Street. Finally, at the perfect time, my friend from the protests invited me to visit the commune he lived on.


You will not find better friends anywhere in sl - freethinking, intelligent and fun people who are extremely loyal to the Commune and the beautiful way of life here. We're not like other places - everyone here has the chance to create their own events, send their own notices, rezz their things and use the Commune the way they want.


The commune was founded in 1993 and operates through a non-hierarchical, consensus based structure. Its 72-acre plot is a vista of big open fields, hilly grassland, a pond, and large woodland.


Communes of Cambodia (Khmer: ឃុំ, khum) are the third-level administrative divisions in Cambodia.They are the subdivisions of the districts of Cambodia.Communes can consist of as few as 3 or as many as 30 villages (), depending on population.In 1998 there were a total of 1,609 communes and 13,406 villages in Cambodia. However, according to the 2008 census there are now 1,621 communes in ...


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