To perform a factory reset on a Toshiba computer, restart the computer, and press the required key before Windows loads. The required key is usually one of the function keys. Pressing it brings up the Advanced Boot Optio... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Use the Windows installation disc to reset your Toshiba laptop. Alternatively, use the built-in factory software recovery image to reset your Toshiba laptop to its original settings. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To reset a Toshiba laptop, shut it down, disconnect any external devices, connect the laptop to the AC adapter, boot into recovery mode, select the operating system you want to recover, and when the Recovery Wizard opens... More »

To restore your computer to factory settings, you must backup the files you want to save and either reinstall your operating system or perform a factory reset. Restoring your computer to factory settings wipes all the in... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To restore your Toshiba computer to its original factory settings, shut down the computer from the Windows Start menu, and disconnect all external devices such as the mouse, keyboard, and USB hubs. Connect the computer t... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To reboot a Dell laptop to its factory settings hold the appropriate function key while the computer starts up. When the Advanced Boot Option screen appears, use the Repair menu to reboot the computer to its original set... More »

Some ways to unlock a PC laptop if the password is not available include using the Windows installation CD, using a password reset disk or restoring the laptop to factory mode. It is also possible to unlock the laptop by... More »