Solving trinomial equations is a matter of determining the degree of the trinomial factoring according to the degree and the terms themselves and by then verifying that the factors found are the actual roots of the equat... More » Math Algebra

Factoring completely is an algebraic process that incorporates the three common factoring techniques: the greatest common factor, trinomials and the difference between two squares. These techniques by themselves often fa... More »

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To solve quadratic equations by factoring, it's a matter of finding the x-intercepts of the graph, or the point at which the graph crosses the x-axis. Quadratics are in the form of ax^2 + bx + c = 0, so you have to simpl... More » Math Algebra

To solve by factoring, move all terms to the same side of the equation with subtraction or addition, and then find each factor in the equation. Setting each factor at zero provides all of the solutions to the equation. More » Math Algebra

To solve two-step equations, simplify both sides of the equation by removing extra terms, then remove coefficients. It's also possible that a variable will exist on both sides of the equation. In this case, you need to i... More »

The four steps for solving an equation include the combination of like terms, the isolation of terms containing variables, the isolation of the variable and the substitution of the answer into the original equation to ch... More »