A four-term polynomial is most often factored by grouping, a process where terms that have common factors are grouped and factored separately. In some cases, separate factoring of the two groups may reveal another factor... More »

Factoring a four-term polynomial can be complicated. It uses the same procedure for factoring a three-term polynomial but requires a few more steps. More »

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A factor is a number or expression that divides another number or expression evenly without a remainder. For instance, two, four, five and 10 are factors of 20 because 20 can be divided by all those smaller numbers an ex... More »

Factoring completely is an algebraic process that incorporates the three common factoring techniques: the greatest common factor, trinomials and the difference between two squares. These techniques by themselves often fa... More »

Factoring ax²+bx+c by grouping has some similarity to factoring into two binomials, but grouping works better when a and c are both not equal to 1. The factoring becomes more intricate when there are two constants to fac... More »

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Polynomials are classified by both their number of terms and by their degree. A polynomial consists of constants, variables, coefficients and exponents. In the polynomial 4X^2 + 8, eight is the constant, x is the variabl... More »

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To solve by factoring, move all terms to the same side of the equation with subtraction or addition, and then find each factor in the equation. Setting each factor at zero provides all of the solutions to the equation. More »

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