Factoring a four-term polynomial can be complicated. It uses the same procedure for factoring a three-term polynomial but requires a few more steps. More »

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Factoring ax²+bx+c by grouping has some similarity to factoring into two binomials, but grouping works better when a and c are both not equal to 1. The factoring becomes more intricate when there are two constants to fac... More »

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A four-term polynomial is most often factored by grouping, a process where terms that have common factors are grouped and factored separately. In some cases, separate factoring of the two groups may reveal another factor... More »

Factoring completely is an algebraic process that incorporates the three common factoring techniques: the greatest common factor, trinomials and the difference between two squares. These techniques by themselves often fa... More »

To divide a polynomial by a monomial, first identify which one is which. Then, separate the division into parts. Finally, once each part is processed, put them back together. More »

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A factor rainbow is a way of writing factors for numbers using a series of arcs. It helps students ensure they have all the factors by listing them in consecutive order. More »

Greatest common factor and least common multiple word problems are math problems that pose a GCF or LCM question in a real-life situation. A GCF is the largest number that divides into two or more numbers without leaving... More »