According to the Huffington Post, exfoliating the face involves scrubbing the face with a facial scrub using upward circular motions, rinsing off with warm water and finally moisturizing. The Huffington Post suggests doi... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

Most people should exfoliate their faces twice a week. This removes dead cells, revealing younger-looking skin. There is some individual variation, however. People who have oily skin or who live in warm climates build up... More »

One simple way to exfoliate your skin is to apply a suitable exfoliating product using a sponge and a loofah. You need an exfoliating scrub, a sponge, a loofah, a lotion and water. The process lasts for a few minutes. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

To remove dead skin from your face, identify dry areas of skin, exfoliate with a scrub twice a week and moisturize thoroughly. Moisturizing skin regularly also prevents irritation. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

Exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub and a nubby washcloth two or three times a week is the best way to remove dead, flaky skin on the face. Exfoliation helps to reveal new skin that is bright and supple, cleanses pore... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

To make a green tea face mask, mix green tea powder with water, apply it to your face, let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes, and wash it off. The mask takes one to two minutes to make. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

Reduce dark circles by applying two small cucumber slices under the eyes for about 10 minutes and then washing your face with water, according to Top10HomeRemedies. Repeat this process twice daily until progress is notic... More »