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Today I’m going to show you how to etch glass at home using etching cream, a paintbrush, and a stencil! Once you know how to etch glass, you can make so many things! Try etching drinking glasses, wine glasses, or champagne glasses as a personalized wedding present.


How to Etch Glass with Etching Cream. Glass etchings can be done at home with a few supplies from the craft store. By applying a cream such as Armour Etch to a stencil, you can customize your own drinking glasses and baking dishes and make...


Additional online information about etching glass: Create your own designs and cut custom stencils for etching from Make It and Love It. Custom etched designs on vases and pitchers from Creative Highs. Etched storage jars from Martha Stewart. Etched glasses from Martha Stewart. Etching glass--tips for cutting stencils from Sunset Magazine.


Everything You Need to Etch Glass Developed in the mid-1800s, acid-etched glass became popular for its ability to shield patrons in drinking establishments from view while letting in natural light. Victorian and Edwardian homes quickly adopted the look, and today, etched designs appear on windows, mirrors, even glassware.


How to Etch Glass. Etching glass can result in beautiful and eye-catching results. To etch glass, you'll have to find or draw a design that you want to transfer. Then, you can etch the glass by hand using a small handheld rotary tool or...


How to Etch Glass. Add some flair to your glassware with acid etching. A simple, relatively safe gel, available from several manufacturers, frosts the surface of glass in just a minute or two of exposure. By applying a stencil to the glass you can control exactly where the etching works and where it doesn't. The same companies that sell the etching...


Dangers Of Making DIY Glass Etching Cream. If you are curious to learn how to make glass etching cream at home, you might try mixing the chemicals listed above. But if you are not a trained chemist or you are unfamiliar with these chemicals, please do not try this at home.


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Flea-market finds and dollar-a-glass specials can be transformed with monograms, stripes, and whimsical polka dots. All you need is etching cream (available at craft and art-supply stores), masking tape, and a steady hand to cut a template.When using etching cream, wear plastic gloves and an old shirt with long sleeves, and be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.