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It’s summertime, which means lobster prices have lowered and many people are enjoying eating these delectable crustaceans at clambakes and other al fresco situations. I just love sultry summer evenings, sitting on the back porch and digging into some freshly steamed lobster accompanied by a chilled pinot grigio, laughing with good friends. If this sounds


Much more common is to eat the tail and claws, maybe the knuckles, and then discard the rest. I want to change this. In the above video, I walk you through the steps of getting everything you possibly can out of a whole cooked lobster, using a nutcracker—the tool most commonly offered in restaurants—to get at the meat.


How to Eat Lobster. Who doesn't love succulent lobster meat served with butter and lemon? It's one of the world's culinary delights, but being served a whole lobster can be intimidating. Read on for information on how to prepare to eat...


Lobster is New England's (and especially Maine's) signature delicacy, but eating a whole lobster can be a bit intimidating for first-timers.. Don't just settle for a lobster roll.If you've never eaten a whole lobster, or if it's been a while since you tangled with a crustacean, here is your step-by-step, visual guide to how to eat lobster.


How to Eat a Lobster If you’re shelling out for the good stuff, you want to be able to extricate every precious morsel. Lorri Cousens, a co-owner of the acclaimed Waterman’s Beach Lobster stand, in South Thomaston, Maine, shares her foolproof method for cracking and dismantling, without looking like a klutz.


Fresh, local lobster is a great summer treat, whether you live at the seashore or just get to visit in the summer. Here, the process is outlined so you get every morsel out of the shell, which will make you feel all the better about that lobster dinner. This part is obvious, but you want to start with a whole cooked lobster.


Eating Lobster . Learn how to crack and eat a lobster . How to Eat Lobster . To get at the meat inside a cooked whole lobster (whether it’s been boiled or steamed), you’ll need a nutcracker. A lobster fork (a small type of fork) will also be very helpful. Once you have those, the most effective way to eat a lobster is as follows:


Learning how to eat a whole lobster can seem pretty intimidating, but it's pretty simple if you're willing to get a little messy. A lot of times, the whole lobster will be cheaper than the lobster tail if you have to put in the labor to crack it open yourself, so follow along and you'll be a lobster eating pro in no time.