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If you've never eaten a whole lobster, or if it's been a while since you tangled with a crustacean, here is your step-by-step, visual guide to how to eat lobster. Follow these pictures and instructions, and you'll learn how to eat a lobster like a New Englander. Before we get started, be sure to tie on a lobster bib.


How To Crack And Eat A Whole Lobster. by Kathryn Hill (Image credit: ... laughing with good friends. If this sounds good to you but you find the idea of eating a whole, uncracked lobster a bit intimidating, I hope the following guide will help to give you some confidence. ... Instructions. 1.


Easy Directions for How to Eat a Lobster. Note: Our instructions are the local New England lobster, Homarus americanus, which is what most Boston restaurants serve.They're the kind with two big meaty claws and a big yummy tail - just like the ones in the photo at the top of this page.


Because lobster meat can go bad quickly, it's generally necessary to cook a lobster while it's still alive. That means you pick a green lobster, but don't eat it until its shell turns red! Never eat a cooked lobster with its tail uncurled, as it died before it was cooked. What is the best way to cook a lobster?


Fresh, local lobster is a great summer treat, whether you live at the seashore or just get to visit in the summer. Here, the process is outlined so you get every morsel out of the shell, which will make you feel all the better about that lobster dinner. This part is obvious, but you want to start with a whole cooked lobster.


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How to Eat a Lobster If you’re shelling out for the good stuff, you want to be able to extricate every precious morsel. Lorri Cousens, a co-owner of the acclaimed Waterman’s Beach Lobster stand, in South Thomaston, Maine, shares her foolproof method for cracking and dismantling, without looking like a klutz.


Cracking a lobster isn’t the sort of skill you can fake, and for those without the knack, the process might seem daunting. But before you deny yourself the lobster you’re craving, check out these easy instructions—you’ll look like a lobster cracking pro in no time.


2. Using kitchen shears, cut away the membrane from the tail to expose the meat. Discard the intestinal vein that runs through the tail. 3. Twist off the large claws where they join the body. 4. Pull the small pincer off each claw and discard. Using a nutcracker, break open the claws. Use a seafood ...


On today's CapeCast: Lobster in the rough is the trophy dinner of summer, but how do you take that red bug apart and get at that succulent meat? This video shows you how!