Coffee can be used to darken hair without dye. Users should soak their hair in leftover coffee for several minutes. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

The hair product company Fanci-Full offers a temporary white hair dye that sits on the hair, but does not penetrate into the hair shafts or hair follicles. White Fanci-Full hair dye will last until the hair is rinsed and... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Dying the underside of hair involves separating the top layer of hair from the bottom layer, then applying dye to that portion only. Having a friend or family member help with the process prevents dye from reaching unwan... More »

A hair dye color chart is used to select either an entirely new hair color or to subtly change an existing color to a few shades darker or lighter. The color chart also helps to select good combination colors for highlig... More »

Dyeing your hair at home is an affordable and convenient way to experiment with new looks. Use this method to dye black hair a lighter color and add flattering highlights. The required supplies are a mirror, hair dye, a ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Apply coffee, tea, henna or the hulls of black walnuts to naturally dye hair a darker color. To dye red hair a darker shade of red, apply hibiscus, rose hips or the juice of carrots or beets. More »

Cover up highlights by dying hair a darker color with home hair coloring kits. Choose a permanent hair color that matches the hair's darkest shade. More »