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On average, nail polish takes one to two hours to become dry enough to avoid damage, but up to 24 hours to become completely dry. Drying time varies by brand and application method.


Applying a cold flow of air or using certain sprays can help painted nails dry quickly. Alternatively, quick-dry polishes and base coats can reduce the time necessary for drying nails.


Polished nails dry quickly after being submerged in ice water for three minutes. Prepare the ice water prior to manicuring your nails to avoid damaging your manicure.


Liquid Nails construction adhesive begins drying in 15 minutes and reaches maximum strength in about seven days, though actual dry time varies with humidity, temperature and adhered materials. Using the proper Liquid Nails formulated for specific substrates impacts drying time as well.


It typically takes between 1 to 2 hours for nail polish to dry completely, but hands can often be used after 5 to 15 minutes if a nail polish dryer is used. It is always best for a person to apply nail polish when there is time to allow the nails to dry fully.


To dry nail polish fast, allow nails to air dry for a couple of minutes before plunging them into ice-cold water for 3 minutes. Alternatively, apply very thin coats of polish, and blow cool air on the nails using a fan or blow dryer on a cool setting between coats.


Although there are numerous ways of drying nail polish fast, one simple way is to dip your fingernails in ice water. You need ice cubes, cold water, a bowl and your polished nails. The process takes approximately two minutes.


Dry, flaking or peeling nails can be caused by a variety of both external and internal reasons, including trauma to the nail or a vitamin deficiency. It can also be caused by excess moisture, the application of false nails or a diet deficient in iron.


Make nail polish dry faster by dunking hands into cold water, using a blow dryer or purchasing products designed to dry polish quickly when applied to a fresh manicure. Non-stick cooking spray also speeds the drying process.


Vitamin supplements, such as biotin, are examples of home remedies for dry, brittle nails. Soaks with ingredients such as lemon juice, olive oil, beer and apple cider vinegar are other home remedies.