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Dill, or dill weed, is an herb that is used for flavor in Western European, Eastern European and Scandinavian cuisines. You can dry the ferns and use the seeds to make essential oils.


Drying Dill Weed. Dill leaves or dill weed are used dried as a crushed aromatic. The flavor is very light but the aroma is strong and adds complexity to foods. Dry dill by clipping off the individual leaflets and laying them in one layer on a dehydrator sheet or bakers rack.


As part of the process of how to dry dill is concerned, use the right tools. In this case, a pair of scissors or shears is basically needed to cut the leafy foliage of the plant. Getting the entire stem is also an option but this is usually more applicable to get the seeds or for canning.


Drying dill when bought fresh or harvested is a must if the intention is to preserve and store the spice for future use. A precaution prior to drying is to rinse dill’s fresh leaves and seeds with tap water to ensure the absence of clinging dirt or insects.


Wash dill to remove any dirt or critters that may be stuck to the dill. Step 3 – Dry. In order to prevent the dill from clumping, it’s important to thoroughly dry the dill either before or after cutting. Use either a salad spinner or lay between two clean towels and pat dry. Step 4 – Remove tough stems.


How to Dehydrate Dill. Supplies. dehydrator (we have this one, but there’s tips below the tutorial if you don’t have one) small food processor or blender; fresh dill; Method. Wash the dill and dry well. Separate the dill from the main stem by pinching off the the smaller stems. You don’t have to worry about breaking the dill or being ...


How do I dry fresh dill weed? I have a bunch of fresh dill leftover and don't want let it go bad. What is the best/easiest way to dry it out for future use? I heard you can freeze it but it will turn brown.


Storing dill weed after drying it makes it available for future use. This aromatic plant is a perennial herb which is easy to grow. We, at Tastessence, provide you with a few easy methods which will tell you how to go about drying and storing fresh dill weed.


Pat the dill leaves dry with a clean kitchen cloth or paper towel and place on a cutting board. Use a chef's knife to separate the soft, feathery sections of dill leaves and stems from the thick, woody stems. Discard the thick, woody stems. Lay the dill on the cutting board. Chop the dill using fine slices approximately 1/8 inch apart.