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Tips for dressing well include wearing well-made and classic footwear, dressing to look more mature, shopping with a purpose, and knowing where and how to splurge on items. It's also recommended that men and women avoid current fashion trends and take good care of their...


To take in a dress, subtract your waist and hip measurements from the dress' waist and hip measurements, and divide the results by four. Turn the dress inside-out, and mark that distance from the side seam at the waist and hip respectively. Sew a new seam through the ma...


The clothing of the 1970s placed an emphasis on individual style and expression. Clothing was bolder and more radical than in previous decades. There are three dominant styles of the 1970s: the continuation of the hippie style, the beginning of punk and disco.


Dress up a basic black dress with eye-catching accessories, fashionable shoes or a fitted jacket. You can create a formal, elegant look with one statement-making piece or produce a sophisticated style by combining several different accessories.


Dressing for success includes wearing conservative attire, always wearing more instead of less, and asking an interviewer about the dress code if there is uncertainty. Men should wear such clothes as suits, dark pants and a white long-sleeved shirt. Successful clothing ...


Wedding dresses for brides over 50 are found online from sites such as Flattering50, Perfect-wedding-dress-finder.com and Shirley's Dress. Dresses for older brides should flatter, with an emphasis on both look and comfort.


American women wore skirts, dresses, hats and gloves during the 1950s, while men primarily wore suits, sweaters, slacks and uniforms for work. In the 1950s, young boys and girls emulated the fashion styles of their parents. Girls' clothing featured styles identical to t...