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How to Look Like You're from the 50s. The 50's was a fun era for fashion, accessories, hair, and makeup. If you like the more conservative, formal style of the 50's, there are many ways to get achieve the look. Pick out clothing that...


Look Like You're from the 50s. ... To dress in the American 1950s fashion style for women, begin by selecting fitted, well tailored clothes, because a neat appearance is important for this style. For example, choose a well-pressed, fitted blouse with quarter length sleeves and a Peter Pan collar. Pair this with a suitable skirt, such as a full ...


For a more business-like and professional appearance replicating that which was worn by women in the '50s, a pencil dress or skirt suit in a rich, dark color, and possibly made from velvet, is the ideal option.


(The wiggle dress looks fabulous with a swing coat.) A pencil skirt with a shirt or sweater and worn with flats is a more fun way of wearing the look. Again the skirt length is important - it must be calf length to look really 50s.


I Dressed Like A 1950s Teen For A Week & This Is What Happened — PHOTOS ... And so I decided to dress like a '50s teen for a week in the hopes that I would get a feel for what it was like to ...


How To Dress With Ageless Style. Learn how to dress with ageless style, with these fashionable clothing tips for women over 50. Always keep in mind that there is a little girl hidden in every woman, so stay cool and keep looking stylish and trendy even after 50.


Nobody wants to look like an old gym teacher at 50. With these scientifically-proven lifestyle tweaks, you really can turn back the clock and look younger. Nobody wants to look like an old gym teacher at 50. With these scientifically-proven lifestyle tweaks, you really can turn back the clock and look younger. ...


50 ways to look fabulous at 50: How to grow older gracefully like the stars. Turning 50 has never been so popular.... or looked so good. Here are some tips for those of us who don't enjoy an A ...


During the 1950s, women wore dresses like we wear t-shirts and jeans today. A vintage 1950s dress was a closet staple and came in a wide variety of colors and two primary silhouettes. Shoulders were narrow and soft. The waist had to be tiny and pulled in — a “wasp” waist.


A shift dress is a short, sleeveless dress that hangs from the shoulders. It is suitable for all body types and sizes — anyone can wear the solid design. The dress is usually worn alone or with stockings and has been popular since the 1960s. Though it is easy to shift or move around in a "shift dress," the term signifies a shift in culture.